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A brighter vision

Making the city smart

Becoming a Smart City means unlocking the potential of technology to improve sustainability and urban performance – making the most efficient use of your city’s assets and finding new ways to improve public services. With its starting point in your city’s lighting infrastructure, VIMALUX specializes in providing technology for Smart Cities and the CityManager smart system for using this technology.

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Smart LED lighting

Municipalities all over the world are constantly faced with the challenge of improving public services while cutting costs. Many public lighting installations are outdated and do not perform as needed for a safe and attractive urban environment. Our modern LED street lighting products improve lighting levels and deliver huge energy savings compared to conventional street lights. With VIMALUX, better and smarter light also means a brighter balance sheet for your city – from Day 1!

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Management system

The CityManager System control system manages an efficient lighting network and creates an open communication infrastructure, extensively covering the city, which allows integration with other services (such as Smart Parking, Smart Metering, variable message panels, management irrigation, Wi-Fi network, etc.) for the benefit of both citizens and public administration.

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In 2032 over 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, covering less than 2% of the earth’s surface

As cities around the world grow, it will become increasingly difficult to manage mobility, ensure security and meet the needs of citizens.

VIMALUX Smart Services was developed to help cities of the future meet these challenges.

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