Smart City

Smart city solutions help realize cost savings on energy, operations and maintenance while creating more convenient, more attractive and much safer urban living environments with adaptive dimming

What is adaptive lighting and whom does it serve?

We unlocks a new era of smart lighting for all public roads. We use the most progressive smart lighting systems, because we know the needs of the community, public administration and the planet. We respond to these needs directly, through advanced energy services dedicated to lighting on roads and public roads. Intelligent Dimming means a smart system of sensors, poles and other equipment that adjust light to traffic, weather and visibility conditions.

How it works

Smart Lighting systems are a step forward in terms of street lighting. Designed for maximum energy and financial savings, they offer excellent visual comfort and create safe conditions for citizens.

VIMALUX innovative technology ensures even light distribution and reduces light pollution.

Public administrations collaborating with local ESCO partners are also offered interventions and energy efficiency measures to ensure compliance with regulations, at zero cost, as well as a significant reduction in operating expenses from the first year.

Your advantages

Optimising both light and costs: Smart adaptive systems helps localities make substantial energy savingsand automatically adjust light intensity to traffic and visibility conditions.

Safety of public areas

In some important areas the light is maximum and continuous, for the safety of the inhabitants; for example at pedestrian crossings. The monitoring function can also be added.

Sustainable local administration

Using progressive adaptive lighting systems, the town halls show the community that together, with smart street lighting solutions, we reduce the local carbon footprint.