About Vimalux

An innovation leader in the lighting world and member of Felicity Smart Infrastructure Group. Vimalux offers a comprehensive range of premium luminaires and lighting control systems

Delivering turnkey solutions

As a member of the Felicity Smart Infrastructure, VIMALUX is an innovation leader in the lighting world, offering a comprehensive range of premium luminaires and lighting control systems across the full range of applications in professional  lighting solutions, including offices, schools, showrooms, hotels, wellness and healthcare facilities, the arts and industry, as well as in architectural and urban outdoor lighting and the residential and public sector.


Leading the way – together

The ongoing development of the product portfolio is driven not only by the latest advances in research and technology but above all by the brand’s long-standing collaboration with leading international architects, lighting designers and artists in its project business. Our development efforts are invariably based on the individual needs of the people who use our products. Only by maintaining a systematic focus on the user and by applying our knowledge of the effects of light on the human body can we generate measurable and tangible added value.

VIMALUX products represent a harmonious blend of outstanding design and innovative technology, focused around our brand philosophy of using light to thrill and inspire.

Company values

At VIMALUX, we are deeply committed to a set of company values. These values lie at the core of everything we do:


The process

Step 1

Lighting audit & energy saving calculation

Step 2

Customized finance plan

Step 3

Delivery & installation plan

Step 4

Aftersales & warranty